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Having affiliate revenue is a great way of diversifying your profits. Catchfull’s pop up builder allows you to display high-conversion affiliate links on your website and drive your revenue up.

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Affiliate marketing is a way of getting passive income. All you need to do is implement a certain link leading to your affiliate partner and collect your commission.

However, it’s not that simple. First you need to work hard to grab consumers’ attention and make them click, subscribe and/or buy.

Here is a more inventive and successful affiliate marketing strategy for you – use popups and page banners! Make them noticeable and appealing to get more people to follow through.

With Catchfull, you can get as creative as you like and boost your affiliate marketing earnings in no time.

How can you use Catchfull’s popups and page banners in affiliate marketing?

1. Use exit intent popups for affiliate marketing

You already know how to use traditional exit intent popups but why not go further and increase affiliate sales with their help?

There is a high chance of success in this case, since the visitor has already shown interest in your website’s content. When they go to close the page, the popup will give them one final recommendation related to the content they were viewing.

Maybe they didn’t find exactly what they were looking for on your website but they will find it on your partner’s store and purchase it. And you’ll get a commission on the sale of affiliate products or services. Win-win!

2. Use banner ads in your affiliate marketing program

Banner ads are still among the most popular and widely-used ways to monetize traffic.

Create an attractive affiliate marketing banner and place it directly on your page.

Use Catchfull to build your affiliate marketing campaign just the way you want it for maximum conversions and sales.

3. Use popups for driving traffic to your affiliate network

Depending on your partners, sometimes all you need to get paid is to send visitors to their websites.

Create irresistible pop up windows with Catchfull to urge users to click and visit your affiliate’s page instead of blocking your pop ups and searching for the close button.

4. Make it personal

Relying on generic on-site messages is not efficient, and it doesn’t speak well for you. Show visitors you have truly made an effort.

Personalize your affiliate marketing popups with Catchfull so that you show the most suitable version to each customer. For example, if someone is looking at pillows, don’t show them an ad for coffee. Follow your buyers’ train of thought and display the best suited pop up ad at the best possible time for a higher chance of conversions and sales.

5. Go beyond traditional affiliate marketing

No matter whether you get paid per sale, lead or click, you can use Catchfull to create awesome popups and page banners to promote your partners’ brand.

The best thing about Catchfull is that you have full freedom. Get creative and do things your own way. Trigger affiliate marketing campaigns whenever you choose and get way ahead of the competition.

Why Catchfull is the right choice for you

1. Quick to install and set up

Time is money. That’s why  Catchfull installs in just a few seconds. You can set up a web page banner or a popup campaign in less than 3 minutes – and immediately deliver it to your website visitors. Should you need any help, we’ll be right here.

Get your affiliate marketing work done in a flash, then sit back and watch your revenue skyrocket.

2. No coding required

Easy to use – that’s one of Catchfull’s biggest advantages. No coding skills are required.

Catchfull gives you a simple drag and drop editor with which you can quickly build amazing banners and popup ads. Creating a new popup advertising campaign or updating one has never been easier.

3. You are in charge

A popup builder that doesn’t limit your options – is that possible?

Yes, here is Catchfull. With us, you control everything – how the popup ad will look, when, where and to whom it will be displayed.

Choose between many options and designs to reach perfection.

With Catchfull, everything goes your way.

4. Compatible with your website

There are many different website builder platforms. It’s great that Catchfull works with all. No matter whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or something else, you can have an amazing popup or banner ad on your page. We can also assist you with setup.

5. The most efficient targeting

You need to display your popups at just the right moment for them to have the highest possible click-through rate.

With Catchfull, you can implement advanced personalized popups and display them with precision, based on visitors’ behaviour.

You can trigger campaigns based on events, users and more.

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Having affiliate revenue is a great way of diversifying your profits. Use Catchfull’s popup builder to display high-conversion affiliate links on your website and drive your revenue up.

Get creative and use everything to your advantage to get the best affiliate marketing solutions.

Contact us now to explore different options, test various templates and choose what works best for you. Pop up advertising has never been easier.

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