Social media engagement: Popups and page banners

Having a social media audience helps your business connect with customers, increases awareness and boosts your sales. Our popups are a great way of growing your audience on all social media platforms.

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Did you know that more than 2.95 billion people are using social media worldwide?

It’s no wonder businesses are always searching for ways to increase social media engagement.

Having a social media audience helps your business connect with customers, increases awareness and boosts your sales.

Do you want to get ahead of the competition in no time?

Our popups are a great way of growing your audience on all social media platforms.

Create appealing popups and page banners that are displayed on specific pages or triggered by the visitor’s behavior for maximum results.

How can you increase social media engagement with popups?

1. Befriend loyal customers on social media

Display a popup at the right moment to suggest to your customers to like and follow you on social media. A good moment for that message to appear would be right after someone has made a purchase, for example. Promise them to find great content, discount offers and coupons on your social media pages.

This will be the beginning of a beautiful long-term relationship with your customers.

2. Reach buyers at any time

Display a popup inviting your website visitors to go to your social media account. That way, even if they are not yet your customers, you can reach them at any time with further offers and promotions through your social media posts and convert them.

3. Improve customer experience

Send visitors to your social media where you can apply different engagement tactics – sharing more content, organizing giveaways and competitions. Get creative and think of new ways to engage your audience. Post content regularly but remember it has to be relevant and interesting.

People will love you and won’t be able to forget about you any time soon. Increased engagement will mean increased awareness and sales.

4. Reach prospects in real time

Here is another social media strategy:

Display a popup for hesitant visitors offering a chat with a consultant. Send them to your social media where you can have a real time conversation, answer all their questions and convince them to buy. Just like in real life!

5. Encourage customers to share your page

Make sharing your page easier. Implement an on-site message with a sharing icon that helps people share your contents with their friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

That will guarantee you more exposure, traffic and even more conversions and sales.

6. Get valuable feedback

Direct visitors and customers to your social media accounts where they can leave you likes, comments and valuable feedback. Ask them questions, create polls and customer surveys, encourage them to share their opinions on your products and services.

This will help you learn what your (potential) customers want so that you can improve and increase conversions and revenue as a result.

7. Use social proof to your advantage

Did you know that 87% of online shoppers use social media to decide whether to buy and to find recommendations?

Send visitors to your strongest social media accounts where they can see how many followers you have, as well as read some genuine reviews from happy customers. The greater the number of people who like and recommend you, the better.

This will convince prospects to trust you, especially if they are first-time visitors and haven’t heard about your brand yet.

8. Promote on social media

Naturally, you display your promotions on your website. However, most people might spend less than a minute on it and then leave, never to return.

But if you direct them to your social media via a popup, nothing will stop them from following you.

They’ve landed on your website in the first place, so that means they are probably interested in what you have to offer. It doesn’t cost anything to hit the like/follow button. Once they’ve done that, they might forget about it.

But now it’s up to you to remind them and re-spark their interest. Pop up on their feed with your eye catching Instagram or Facebook posts promoting new products. Get creative and use social media marketing to the fullest for increased awareness, conversions and sales.

And all that starts with a simple popup.

Why Catchfull is the right choice for you

1. Quick to install and set up

We value your time. That’s why Catchfull installs in just a few seconds. You can set up a web page banner or a popup  campaign in less than 3 minutes – and immediately deliver it to your website visitors. If you have questions, we’ll be right here to guide you.

All that’s left to do is sit back and watch your social media engagement skyrocket.

2. No coding required

One of Catchfull’s great features is that it’s really easy to use. Everyone can do it as there are no coding skills necessary.

Catchfull gives you a simple drag and drop editor with which you can quickly build amazing social engagement popups. Creating a new popup campaign or updating one is a breeze.

3. You are in charge

Are you still searching for a popup builder that won’t limit your options? Search no more.

With Catchfull, you control everything.

You have a certain font or colour in mind? You want to show popups only on specific pages? Done.

With Catchfull, everything will be just the way you need.

4. Compatible with your website

There are many different website builder platforms. And Catchfull works with all. No matter whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or something else, we’ve got you covered. We can help you set everything up in just a couple of minutes.

5. The most efficient targeting

You need to show your social engagement popups at just the right moment for optimal results.

With Catchfull, you can implement advanced personalized popups and display them with precision, based on visitors’ behaviour. You can trigger campaigns based on events, devices and more.

Start now to maximize brand awareness, conversions and sales in no time.

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