Customer surveys: Collect feedback with popups

Customer surveys show that you care about your users’ experience and can help you improve your product. Our forms will help you gather feedback in a delicate way, without harming your visitors’ experience.

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More than 97% of visitors leave an online store without purchasing anything. Do you know how to make them stay?

Use a popup survey that appears just as they’re about to leave. Customer surveys will help you connect with customers and really understand what they expect from your business and website. Do they want more assistance, more choices or free shipping? What discourages them from purchasing?

Find out what you’re doing well and what you could improve on. Come up with new ideas and show your customers you care about them.

Create a thoughtful customer survey popup with Catchfull in just a few clicks. Learn what customers truly want – and deliver!

How can you use customer survey popups?

1. Improve customer service

You can use a survey popup any time a new visitor or customer is about to leave the website. Ask them if they found what they were looking for and to rate their user experience.

Is your site easy to navigate? Do they like its new design? 

What about their customer journey? Have you provided enough information about your products?

The questions you’d ask them are up to you.

Keep your customer surveys short and meaningful. The goal is to show your customers you care about their opinion but not take too much of their time.

You can encourage them to take your survey by offering a discount or a chance to win if they enter their email address at the end. That way you’ll add their email to your list too.

With Catchfull, you’ll be able to gather quality feedback so that you know how to improve your website and customer experience and never drive away potential customers.

2. Improve your business

The idea here is similar but focus on your products or services this time. Ask customer satisfaction survey questions related to your business. A suitable time for this kind of survey popup to appear would be right after a customer has finished their purchase or before they abandon their cart.

You can learn a lot from a simple popup survey. You can get ideas how to improve product features or realize you need to address certain design flaws.

Listen to your clients, learn how to improve and get ahead of the competition in no time.

3. Develop new products

Your customers’ opinion is valuable. Use customer surveys to ask them questions that will help you understand their needs and expectations.

This will lead you to develop new products that will be even better and warmly welcomed by loyal customers as well as new ones. A great way to increase sales is to deliver products that people will love. And when they’re happy, they’ll gladly recommend your brand to a friend or colleague.

4. Collect useful information

Do you want to get to know your (potential) customers better? Implement a customer survey that will give you information about their demographics and product use.

Maybe you think you know your audience but you could be surprised. Use what you learn to create more targeted campaigns for optimal results.

5. Increase customer loyalty

A customer feedback survey is a great way to further engage your customers and show them you care about them and their experience with your products and website. People like feeling appreciated. If they see you truly care, they will stick with you all the way.

Often loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

6. Decrease bounce rate

Use a customer survey as an exit intent popup. Show it to visitors who are about to leave.

If you make them stay a bit longer, your website will rank better on the web. Plus, you’ll understand their reasons for abandoning your page – were there any problems? – and take action to improve next time.

7. Decrease cart abandonment

Is your customer abandoning their cart? Stop them with a survey asking what went wrong. It will help you understand the reason for your cart abandonment rate and find solutions to decrease it.

Why Catchfull is the right choice for you

1. Quick to install and set up

Time is precious. That’s why Catchfull installs in just a few seconds. You can set up a web page banner or a popup  campaign in less than 3 minutes – and deliver it straight to your website visitors. Should you have any questions, we’ll be right here to help.

All that’s left to do is sit back and watch your conversion rate and sales rise.

2. No coding required

One of Catchfull’s advantages is that it’s easy to use. No coding skills needed.

Catchfull gives you a simple drag and drop editor with which you can quickly build amazing customer survey popups. Creating a new popup campaign or updating one has never been easier.

3. You are in charge

Do popup builders that don’t limit your options exist?

Yes, meet Catchfull. With us, you control everything – how the survey pop up will look, when, where and to whom it will be displayed. Show certain customer surveys only to specific groups of users. Avoid annoying the rest with irrelevant or repetitive survey popups.

Choose between many options and designs to reach perfection. This includes yes or no survey questions, scale questions, multiple choice questions and open-ended questions.

With Catchfull, everything will be just your way.

4. Compatible with your website

There are many different website builder platforms. It’s good that Catchfull works with all. No matter whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or something else, you can have an amazing survey on your website. We can also assist you with setup.

5. The most efficient targeting

You need to display your online surveys at just the right moment for them to have the highest possible response rate.

With Catchfull, you can implement advanced personalized survey popups and display them with precision, based on visitors’ behaviour.

You can trigger campaigns based on events, users and more.

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Customer surveys show that you care about your users’ experience and can help you improve your product or service. Our forms will help you collect feedback without harming your visitors’ experience.

With Catchfull, gathering feedback, growing your conversion rate and sales is quick and easy. Create amazing survey popups to reduce bounce rate and improve customer experience.

Get creative and use everything to your advantage!

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