Promotion popups: Discount offers and coupons

Discount offers are a great way to make your visitors spend more or provide you with their contact details. Catchfull’s pop up software allows you to implement catchy discount offers that are triggered by the visitor’s behavior, including when a visitor reaches a particular shopping cart value or hesitates making a purchase.

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Are you looking to increase your conversion and sales?

Discount offers are a great way to make your visitors purchase an item, spend more or provide you with their contact details.

Customers simply love discounts! Make sure to implement some popups and page banners offering discounts and coupons to get their attention. 

With Catchfull’s popup software, you can have appealing promotion popups that are triggered by the visitor’s behavior, including when they reach a particular shopping cart value or hesitate making a purchase.

Your vision together with our easy-to-use popup builder will grow your sales in no time.

How can you boost your sales with promotion popups?

1. Cash discount popup

Show a popup with a direct price-off incentive. It can be a direct cash discount or a coupon code.

Make this an offer that will expire after a certain period of time. This will urge customers to take advantage of it as soon as possible instead of leaving it for later. Otherwise, they might miss out saving money.

Without such an incentive, some shoppers postpone purchasing until they completely forget about it, turn to your competition or convince themselves they don’t need the items they’ve wanted earlier. You certainly don’t want to let that happen.

2. Percentage discount popup

Another tactic you can try is displaying a percentage discount popup. Offer customers 5% or 10% off, for example.

You can choose to do this only for new visitors and subscribers, to reward returning customers or when a certain cart value is reached. Or you can leave that as a last resort – when a potential buyer decides to leave your website. Again, make it a time-limited offer for best results.

3. Promo code – coupon popup

The coupon popup is similar to the previous two – it can offer a cash discount or a percentage discount.

However, the popup contains a certain word or phrase that “unlocks” the discount. That’s not an automatic discount. For it to work, the user has to type or copy and paste the discount code during their checkout process. For example, it can be “Summer2020”.

It is a wide-spread practice for online stores to promote their sales with catchy coupons, often on social media and via influencers.

4. Value-added offers

Is your customer almost done with their purchase? Why not show a popup promising an additional free item if they spend a bit more? Everyone likes receiving gifts.

This can be a complementary item based on what the buyer has in their basket or an item from your inventory that doesn’t sell too well.

5. Customer loyalty rewards (membership program)

Want to know the easiest way to grow your email list?

Get a popup that offers a discount coupon for some % off a visitor’s first purchase in exchange for their email address. Everyone would want to join, even if they don’t immediately make a purchase. Once you have their email, you can reach them again later.

That’s email marketing made simple.

6. A popup leading to a giveaway game

Here is an idea how to engage visitors more, improve customer experience, increase brand awareness and decrease bounce rate. Implement a popup leading to a simple game or competition that offers visitors a chance to win a discount or a small item. That way you’ll get people interested and they won’t be quick to leave your site.

7. Cart abandonment popup

Every online store owner can decrease their abandoned cart rate with this simple trick:

Create discount popups or free shipping offers that appear just as customers decide to leave before they finalize their purchasing process. This will make them think twice and might be just what they need to convince them to stay.

8. Exit-intent popup

Are your visitors intending to leave the page?

Why not try one last thing – show them a promotion popup that expires soon. Those kinds of exit popups might make them stay and actually purchase something to take advantage of your limited offer.

9. Create a sense of urgency

Always include a deadline to your offer to create a sense of urgency. That’s how you can boost holiday or season sales, for example. Having a countdown timer in mind is simple psychology but it works – no one wants to miss out on a good deal.

10. Promotion popups based on cart value

If you want to motivate customers to spend a bit more when they’re almost done with their shopping cart, display a discount popup valid if they add one more item or reach a certain amount. You can choose to do that only for people who already have a cart of substantial monetary value.

11. Coupons in exchange for feedback

Motivate visitors and customers by feedback offers such as coupon codes which they can use for their future purchase or a chance to win a raffle promo. Use such promotion popups to entice buyers to leave valuable feedback which you can use for further improvement.

Getting to know your customers and their preferences will help you grow your business, increase conversion and sales.

12. Show promotion popups to specific customers

You can choose to display discount popups only to some customers, for example those buying specific products or specific number of products. This can help you for upselling and cross selling.

Why Catchfull is the right choice for you

1. Quick to install and set up

We know how valuable your time is. That’s why Catchfull installs in just a few seconds. You can set up a web page banner or a popup campaign in less than 3 minutes – and deliver it to your website visitors immediately. Even if you have any questions, no problem – we’ll be right here to guide you.

All that’s left to do is sit back and watch your conversion rate and sales soar.

2. No coding required

One of Catchfull’s great features is that it’s easy to use. Everyone can do it since there are no coding skills required.

Catchfull gives you a simple drag and drop editor with which you can quickly build amazing discount and coupon popups. Creating a new popup campaign or updating one is a child’s play.

3. You are in charge

Are you annoyed with popup builders that don’t give you enough options?

What’s awesome about Catchfull is that you control everything.

You have a certain font or colour in mind? You want to display certain popups only on specific pages? No problem!

It’s all about your own vision. With Catchfull, everything will be just the way you need it.

4. Compatible with your website

There are many different website builder platforms. The good news is, Catchfull works with all. No matter whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, a Shopify store or something else, we’ve got you covered. We can also help you set everything up in just a couple of minutes.

5. The most efficient targeting

You need to display your promotion popups at just the right moment for them to work well.

With Catchfull, you can implement advanced personalized popups and display them with precision, based on potential customers’ behaviour.

You can trigger campaigns based on events and specific aspects – like hesitant prospects who are about to leave, new visitors, returning customers, those part of your loyalty program, and more.

You will maximize conversions and sales in no time.

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