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About 68% of users abandon their shopping cart. It doesn’t have to be that way. Catchfull shows the right offer at the right time to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

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About 69% of online shoppers abandon their cart before checking out (according to Baymard Institute). In some sectors, cart abandonment rates are even above 70 or 80% – retail, fashion, travel, airlines and finance.

Are many of your potential customers abandoning their online shopping carts? Do you need a quick solution?

Stop losing sales with this simple trick – implement a popup with Catchfull. It can be anything – an exit-intent popup offering discounts or free shipping, one suggesting complementary items, and much more.

Use Catchfull not only to reduce shopping cart abandonment, but also to increase cart value.

How can you reduce shopping cart abandonment with Catchfull?

1. Exit-intent popups

Don’t let visitors leave your site. Especially not when they’ve just been this close to finalize a purchase or a booking.

Implement an exit-intent popup that appears when the user’s behaviour indicates they will exit the page. It’s up to you what the message will be – the goal is to make them stay.

Think about what makes buyers bail on their shopping carts in the last minute. Is the finalizing process taking too much time? Is the total cost too high? Are they discouraged by the shipping costs?

Find the right words and incentive so they will stay and finish their purchase. The next several points will give you some ideas about the kind of on-site messages you can display.

2. Discount popups

Everyone loves browsing and window shopping. However, after happily adding numerous items to their online shopping cart, visitors often get scared by the total price. Then they start removing items or leave the website altogether.

Here’s what to do: Display a popup to offer a discount. This will encourage them to complete their purchases and leave with the good feeling of having saved some money while getting everything they wanted.

Consider offering a discount strictly based on their cart value so that you and them are both happy after all.

3. Free shipping popups

Do you have a high cart abandonment rate? Here’s what could be the main reason:

Shipping costs often discourage customers. In fact, that’s the most frequent reason for them to abandon ship. This is the case in almost 45% of the time.

So make sure all costs are clear in advance to avoid disappointing and putting off buyers.

You can also drive customers back to the shopping cart with a popup promising free shipping if they order in the next hour. Or if they add one more item. Or… you get the idea.

4. Complementary items popups

All online stores should use this trick to incent buyers to spend more.

Create a popup suggesting complementary items to customers based on what’s already in their cart.

They won’t always pay attention to your suggestions, but at least some will take a second look and add more items to their order. And magically, you’ve just increased your sales.

5. Abandoned cart emails

Is your customer about to abandon their cart?

Show them a popup that helpfully suggests to send them a cart recovery email later. For that purpose, all they need to do is enter their email address.

Maybe it’s just not a convenient time for them to finalize their order now. That’s okay. Give buyers a chance to save their shopping cart for later and they’ll be back.

Catchfull’s popups will help you send abandoned cart email reminders and drive back customers so that you don’t miss any opportunities for a sale.

6. Create a sense of urgency

Buyers are often indecisive. Do they really need those items? Isn’t the price a bit high? Is it the right time to purchase?

Try displaying a popup with a bit of incentive – a limited offer like a discount or free shipping. But remember, give them a clear, short deadline.

No one likes missing out, so this could help them finish their checkout process now instead of later when they would have probably forgotten all about it.

7. Go beyond the cliches

Don’t stop there. Maybe you have even better ideas? Create the perfect popups and page banners, just the way you imagine them.

Remember – popups are powerful calls to action. Take advantage of them and use them well to retain and gain customers.

Catchfull is here to help you get creative with your popup messages, reduce cart abandonment and increase cart value effortlessly.

Why Catchfull is the right choice for you

1. Quick to install and set up

No one has much time to lose nowadays. That’s why installing Catchfull literally takes seconds.

Even better, you can set up a web page banner or a popup campaign in less than 3 minutes – and deliver it to your website visitors right away.

Plus, if any questions pop up in your mind, we’ll be here to answer them.

Then you can just relax and watch your sales hit the roof.

2. No coding required

One of the many wonderful things about Catchfull is that it’s super easy to use. A child could do it. That’s because we provide a simple drag and drop editor. No need for any coding skills!

You can now build your campaigns before you finish your first coffee. Creating a new popup campaign or updating an existing one has never been easier.

3. You are in charge

Are you sick and tired of popup builders that limit you?

What’s awesome about Catchfull is that you control everything. Choose whatever font, colour and other elements you like for your popups and page banners.

Unleash your creativity. Catchfull will never restrain you.

4. Compatible with your website

We know there are various website builder platforms out there. That’s why we’ve made sure Catchfull works with all of them.

We will help you set everything up in just a couple of minutes.

5. The most efficient targeting

You need to display your popups at just the right moment for them to really work the way you expect them to.

With Catchfull, you can implement advanced personalized popups and display them with precision, based on users’ behaviour.

You can trigger campaigns based on events – like hesitant buyers having a hard time deciding whether to finalize their purchase or to hit the X.

You will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and maximize conversions and sales in no time.

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