11 amazing popup ideas to increase conversion and sales

Popups used to have a bad reputation. When they were first created and used, most were flashy, spammy, annoying.

But now that’s changed completely. Nowadays, popups are your best friend, no matter how big or small your online business is.

What’s so special about them, you ask? And how to use popups to grow your business?

Well, where to start? There are so many possibilites – exit-intent popups, opt-in forms, popup surveys, discount offers, target messages…

Just look at that: Studies show that popups can convert up to 40% of your website visitors into subscribers and leads. Plus, they reduce your bounce rate. Amazing!

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Once you deliver your campaigns to your website, you’ll be surprised how quickly your conversion rate and sales will increase.

However, you need to be careful. Not any generic popup will do the job.

That’s why we’ve gathered all smart and proven popup ideas here. Check them out and find out how to use popups efficiently.

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    How to use popups to increase conversions and sales

    Here are the best popup use cases.

    1. Greet new visitors

      Imagine you visit an online store for the first time and a message pops up, welcoming you with a 10-20% discount or free shipping on your first order. I’ll be hooked! Won’t you?

      This will certainly make first-time visitors like you and want to buy something to take advantage of that sweet offer.

      Otherwise, people will just browse a bit and then most would leave. But having an incentive like that will encourage them to look at your products more carefully.

      Of course, don’t forget to ask for their email address in return. It’s a fair deal to get them to subscribe.

      However, make sure you display this welcome popup only to new visitors and first-time buyers, not to returning users who have already provided their email and taken advantage of the deal.

    2. Collect emails

      Using popups as part of your email marketing strategy is great. But offering discounts is not the only way to get more email subscribers.

      You can incentivize visitors to share their email address by offering a free guide, ebook, PDF, demo or something else in return. Or it could be an “enter to win” scenario where they will be included in a raffle to win a voucher or an item.

      There are numerous ways in which you can collect emails with the help of on-site messages.
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    3. Offer discounts and coupons

      We’ve already talked about offering a discount to increase lead generation. But there are many ways to do that. You can make your popups time dependent, meaning they will show up 30 seconds after the user has landed on your homepage, for example. Or you can set the popup to appear after someone has scrolled 70% through your blog post.

      Whatever option you choose, think about the user experience. When will be the most appropriate and winning moment to display your message?

      Give the visitor enough time to get familiar with your content and take it from there with a thoughtful discount offer or a subscription popup. Otherwise, people won’t have a proper look at your site and might get annoyed when interrupted with a message they are not yet interested in.

    4. Use exit-intent popups

      Stop people from leaving your site with an exit-intent popup. The technology analyzes user behaviour and detects when they are about to leave. Before they can do that, an exit popup will appear and tempt visitors to stay.

      The message is up to you – it can be a discount offer, free shipping or something else.

      Even if those users don’t end up buying something, if you manage to make them stay a bit longer instead of leaving so quickly, you’ll decrease your bounce rate. This will help you rank better on the web and not fall behind the competition.

    5. Reduce cart abandonment

      Speaking of exit-intent popups, they are great for reducing cart abandonment.

      Maybe your customer seemed ready to buy, adding products to their shopping cart, but now they are about to leave without finalizing their purchase? Why?

      Almost 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts. And most are discouraged by the shipping fees.

      There’s an easy solution. Stop them from leaving with an exit pop up offering a discount or free shipping.

      However, make that a limited time offer so that they don’t leave it for later and forget all about it.

    6. Make offers based on customers’ carts

       Do you want to encourage your customers to spend a bit more?

      When they’re almost done with their purchase, offer them free shipping or a discount if they add one more item to their cart or if they spend over a certain amount.

      Apart from offering a discount based on cart value, you can also suggest complementary items to the ones they have in their cart. This can tempt them to buy more – you’ll easily boost sales.

      A white laptop with lamp and green mailbox behind.

    7. Send an abandoned cart reminder

      Another smart exit popup to display right before someone abandons their cart is one offering customers to save their cart content by entering their email. Then you can send them an abandoned cart reminder and perhaps even add a time limited offer to urge them to finalize their order soon.

    8. Implement targeted messages

      Make sure to personalize your messages. You won’t impress your visitors and potential customers with generic ones.

      If a visitor is looking at pillows, show them a popup with your newest or best-selling products from the same category. Don’t send them in a totally irrelevant direction.

      What’s more, once you’ve got a customer’s name, use it in your messages to make them more personal and friendly.

      Once again, hide repetitive or irrelevant popups from returning visitors.

      For best results, you can trigger different campaigns based on device, event, clicks, and more.

    9. Get creative with pop up advertising

      How is your affiliate marketing going? Why not use popups to send customers to your affiliate partners too?

      If someone has just bought your products, why not display a popup leading them to your partner’s related content? Or if a visitor hasn’t found what they were looking for on your website, try with an exit-intent popup sending them to similar affiliate products.

      Use every suitable opportunity to make some more profit.

    10. Increase social media engagement

      Use popups to send customers to your social media accounts and get them to like and follow you there. That way you can reach them at any time with new content and promotions. Plus, the more followers you have, the more people will learn about you. Social proof is powerful so make sure customers leave you good reviews on social media.

      You will also be able to get valuable feedback while communicating with your customers and increasing loyalty.

    11. Create quick customer surveys

      Use a popup, be it a regular or an exit-intent one, to ask buyers some helpful questions and collect some more useful information. This will show you what customers really want and how you can improve to get more conversions and sales.

      Asking a question before a visitor leaves is also a good way to both decrease bounce rate and learn the reason they’re leaving so that you can fix any issues.

      Show customers you care about their opinion and grow your business significantly with the help of popups.

    To sum up

    Now you know how to use popups like a professional digital marketer and why they are so awesome. They are powerful little helpers.

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