FOMO popups: How can they boost conversions and sales?

Are you looking for more ways to increase conversions and sales?

Using popups, and FOMO popups in particular, is a great way to reach and even surpass your goals in that regard.

In this article, we will discuss why FOMO messages are so powerful and how to take advantage of them.

Let’s dive right in!

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    What are FOMO popups?

    First, do you know what FOMO marketing is?

    It is based on people’s fear of missing out on something (and being left out).

    A common example is launching a time-limited offer on your online store. Since it’s valid only for a certain period of time, this creates urgency and consumers are more likely to click and purchase the product or service in question.

    FOMO popups make it easier than ever to use this digital marketing strategy in your favor. They are messages displaying recent activity on your site, designed to grab your visitors’ attention.

    There are several types of popups that you can implement on your website, which we will discuss below.

    Do FOMO popups really work?

    FOMO marketing campaigns are incredibly effective, especially with certain demographics.

    If you are still unconvinced, look at the statistics:

    60% of people make purchases because of FOMO, mostly within 24 hours.

    FOMO is prevalent in millennials, but they are not the only ones who suffer from it. 56% of people who experience FOMO are aged between 18 and 30.

    Every business owner and marketer is taking advantage of these facts nowadays. You can easily notice that on different brands’ social media accounts and online stores.

    Here is how FOMO popups benefit your business:

    1. They build credibility: your customers trust other people’s recommendations.
    2. They create scarcity: people are more motivated to take action if they know they’re running out of time.
    3. They increase conversion rates: live sales notifications boost conversions by up to 15%.
    4. They grow your online presence by showing your website visitors that other people like your social pages.

    Now, let’s look at some popup examples and tactics you can use on your ecommerce website.

    FOMO popups: Best types and top tips

    With the help of a social proof tool, you can easily implement the following kinds of FOMO popups:

    Real-time sales notifications

    Whenever a user makes a purchase, a small alert appears on your site. This shows to others that real people are buying from you in real time, urging them to do the same.

    Thanks to peer pressure, your sales will increase without any effort on your part.

    Besides, this popup notification brings more credibility to your brand.

    Time sensitive offers

    If you are having a limited time sale, it’s a great idea to use a sales popup showing how many people have already purchased. This emphasizes the product/service’s popularity and urges others to do the same before it’s too late.

    Limited stock numbers

    Displaying low stock levels creates a sense of urgency that will motivate your visitors to buy ASAP. Set a low stock alert to display to customers and you will notice a significant increase in sales.

    Email subscribers

    If you want to collect more email addresses, simply show an alert on your site each time someone new subscribes to your list. 

    As visitors see more and more subscribers, they will start to wonder if they’re missing out by not signing up.

    Customize notifications and choose to add a location so that this FOMO popup clearly shows that real people are joining.

    Customer reviews

    Most of us, including your potential customers, love reading online reviews before making a buying decision.

    By displaying online reviews, you can easily turn your loyal customers to brand advocates.

    Show a notification whenever you get a new review. It’s one more way to incorporate social proof.

    Moreover, if you include a link to the original review in your popup so that people can check it out for themselves, they will be sure it’s authentic and will be more likely to trust it.

    Blog comments

    Blog comments are valuable. They are a sign that your content triggers conversation and engagement.

    A FOMO notification can easily increase blog comments. How?

    When site browsers see people leave comments on your blog, they’ll be more likely to read that post. They might even be encouraged to leave a comment as well, triggering a new notification that captures other readers’ attention.

    A button with "follow" text.

    Social media followers

    Do you wish to grow your social media presence?

    Simply create a live notification to display activity on your website from your social feed. This timely social proof will make people curious and encourage them to follow you on social media.

    Webinar notification

    Webinars can bring massive returns. But first you need people to sign up for them.

    Are you looking for ways to promote your webinar?

    Use live activity notifications to notify your site visitors whenever other people register.

    This FOMO popup is an effective piece of social proof. When your visitors see it, they’ll wonder what they’re missing and be more likely to join.

    Online courses

    People are often hesitant to pay for a course if they’re unsure about its value. Is it right for them? Is it truly worth it?

    Implement a FOMO popup that generates demand for your course. When you show them that other people are paying for the course, you’re reinforcing its credibility.

    People will wonder if they’re missing out on valuable knowledge and want to join.

    Demo registrations

    An effective way to gain new leads and boost sales is reaching the right prospects with your product. That’s why product demos are an important part of the B2B sales process.

    In this case, benefit from FOMO by displaying real-time notifications whenever people sign up for demo registrations.

    Pre-order forms

    If you work with pre-order forms that take advance orders from customers, consider opening up pre-orders for a limited time to create anticipation.

    When your customers see notifications about pre-orders, they will get worried they won’t be able to get your new product when it launches.

    That’s one more way to create a sense of urgency and scarcity and boost customer activity.

    To sum up

    Using FOMO popups is an easy and effective way to boost conversions and sales. They don’t necessarily contain a call to action, but there is a hidden one. When people read “Jack has just bought this” or “Only 2 left in stock”, they’ll hear “Hurry up and buy it before it’s too late!”

    In a way, these messages act as exit-intent popups because they stop visitors from leaving your website, urging them to act immediately and make a buying decision.See our article on social proof notifications for even more ideas.

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