Order confirmation email: Best practices

How much effort do you put into your order confirmation emails?

Did you know that they generate the biggest open and click-through rates in the ecommerce industry? That’s why it’s so important to do it right and take full advantage of this powerful message.

If you understand what consumers expect from you, you can provide excellent customer service, gain loyal customers, increase conversions and sales.

In this article, we have gathered for you the best tips on creating the perfect order confirmation email.

Read on to learn all the secrets your competitors might already know.

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    What is an order confirmation email?

    An order confirmation email is an automated email that online merchants send to customers immediately after they complete a purchase. It can also confirm a reservation, appointment, subscription, or some other type of service that you have agreed to provide.

    These types of emails don’t have a strict structure but usually contain information about the order, such as products purchased, amount spent, address, and estimated delivery time.

    However, smart marketers insert some additional components that increase performance.

    What does an order confirmation email contain?

    The main information to include is:

    • confirmation of successfully bought products;
    • the amount of money spent;
    • the estimated delivery time;
    • the customer’s shipping address.

    In addition, it can contain some details, such as:

    • a “Thank you” message at the top;
    • a limited-time offer for the next purchase;
    • product listing for up-selling and cross-selling;
    • promotions (e.g., partner program, loyalty program, mobile app);
    • invitation to follow the brand’s social media account;
    • asking for a review.

    Usually, these components are used in promotional emails. However, if you can add some of them discreetly in the order confirmation email, you will only benefit.

    Why are order confirmation emails incredibly important?

    Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. They have decided to trust you and order from your ecommerce store. Maybe that’s their first purchase with your company.

    And now they expect to receive a reassuring confirmation email. You can’t just leave them hanging, wondering if everything is okay.

    What’s more, now you have a wonderful opportunity to start building a customer relationship that lasts beyond this single transaction.

    Did you know that most marketing emails are never open and simply get deleted within seconds? But when it comes to order confirmation emails, they have the highest open rate – around 60%!

    Here are some tips on how to make the most of them.

    How to create an amazing order confirmation email?

    Pick a suitable subject line

    There are several standard options you can choose from when it comes to the subject line of the email:

    1. Thank you for your order
    2. Your {brand name} order confirmation [#12345]
    3. Order received – {brand name} order #12345
    4. Great news! We’ve got your order #6789

    The first one is one of the highest performing subject lines, while the last one is less formal and shows positivity and excitement, matching the customer’s feelings.

    Including the order number is practical and useful, saving people time if they need to refer to it without searching through the email.

    Alternatively, for a more formal approach, you can try “Your {brand name} order has been received (#1092).

    Start with a thank you

    Start with a simple thank you. It shows the customers you appreciate them and are grateful that they support your business. Plus, if you follow that with the customer’s name, the email will feel more personalized and friendly.

    Place important information first

    What this email is essentially about is confirming that the order is received and being worked on. Put the order details and customer contact details summarized at the top – order number, payment method, shipping information, and so on.

    Include an order summary

    Itemize the products that are shipping, including name, quantity, color, size of the product, unit price and tracking link (if available).

    Some companies include an image of the item from the online store so that customers can visually confirm that they’ve ordered the correct one.

    Break down the cost

    You can also decide to include this step so that your customer understands what they’ve been charged for – cost of the product, taxes, shipping fees, savings from discounts or promotional codes.

    A person looking at a computer screen.

    Provide detailed shipping information

    The more the customer knows about the delivery and order process, the more confidence they have in your business. If possible, share these details with them:

    • how the product is being delivered (carrier);
    • method of shipping (standard delivery, overnight, etc.);
    • when the order is expected to leave your warehouse (exact date);
    • when the carrier is expected to deliver the item (estimated date).

    Usually, another automated transactional email follows the first one once the item leaves your warehouse.

    Provide contact details

    Always let the customer know how they can reach you if there are any questions, changes, problems, etc. Provide a phone number and/or email where they can quickly and easily reach customer support. It’s important to have this information right there in the order confirmation email because otherwise you risk annoying and frustrating an already concerned customer who has to search for your contact details on your website.

    Provide an opportunity to engage with your company

    Great, a customer placed an order. Instead of ending your relationship with that, think how to engage them even more.

    You now know that order confirmation emails have an insanely high open and click-through rate. Take advantage of that and:

    • offer a discount or incentive to shop again;
    • ask the customer to subscribe to a mailing list;
    • promote your referral program;
    • promote your brand’s loyalty program;
    • suggest other products the customer might be interested in;
    • invite them to connect on social media.

    However, if you include everything, the email will look spammy and overwhelming. Focus on one or two of these and place a suitable eye-catching call to action button in the email.

    Don’t forget that order confirmation email’s role is first and foremost to do just that – confirm the order and summarize all important details. Everything else is secondary, but if you manage to find the right balance, you’ll boost your business even further.

    Create unique email designs

    Sure, you can stick to the standard-looking email with text on white background. But you can do better.

    Your email marketing can only benefit if you create email templates that are unique to your brand. Make a lasting impression by incorporating your website design in your emails too. Use the company’s branding and ensure the email is visually attractive, with suitable colors.

    You can also add a relevant gif or picture. Just be careful not to overdo it.

    Stay mobile-friendly

    Always test your emails on all kinds of devices.

    Nowadays, it’s incredibly important for both your website and emails to be mobile-friendly if you want to ensure a smooth experience for your customers.

    According to statistics, 60% of people check their emails on the go. There’s a high chance that your customer would want to check the status of their order on their mobile device, so don’t disappoint and frustrate them with a poor performance. It’s simply unacceptable.

    To sum up

    Now you know just how important sending an order confirmation email is, and moreover, how to structure it right.

    Putting some effort in creating not only useful, but also engaging emails will bring you a crazy amount of conversions and sales.

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