Top tips for the perfect Thank you page

Are you taking the maximum out of your thank you pages?

Many digital marketers don’t realize it, but you can benefit extremely from simply putting some more effort into your thank you pages. They have incredible potential to nurture leads and boost sales.

In this article, we will share the best tips on creating the perfect thank you page.

Read on to find out how to take advantage of it and increase conversions, beating the competition in no time!

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    What is a thank you page and why do you need it?

    First we should make this clear.

    This is a page that visitors are sent to directly after they have completed a goal on your website, for example subscribing to your email list or making a purchase.

    If you aren’t redirecting visitors to such a page, you should change this immediately. Your customers expect this and might get disappointed otherwise. You should show them you appreciate them.

    Moreover, if they have just made a purchase, it’s an absolute must to confirm that the transaction has gone through instead of leaving them hanging and wondering if everything is okay.

    Having a professionally looking thank you page (or the opposite) speaks a lot about you. It builds trust and ensures the consumer they’ve made the right choice. Otherwise, they might feel buyer’s remorse and even cancel their order or subscription.

    Besides, as we already said, this type of page has an enormous potential to bring you more conversions if you use it smartly. Once you have managed to connect to a person and engage them, it’s the best time to continue and strengthen the bond. Use the inertia to move your visitors deeper into your sales funnel.

    But first, you need to learn how to create the perfect thank you page for that purpose. Let’s begin!

    What should you include on the page?

    1. First, obviously, a “thank you” message in one form or another (“Thanks!”, “Congratulations!”, “Order successful”, etc.), which confirms the visitors has completed the desired action. You can also show some enthusiasm.
    2. Next, the page should contain clear instructions on how to proceed or what to expect next. A common example is “Please check your email for further instructions.”

    This is where many pages stop. That’s how they lose the chance to make some more money.

    1. If you want to take your page to the next level, continue by including a clear call to action.

    Encourage further action.

    What can your CTA be? There are many options to choose from:

    • Ask your new subscribers to download their lead magnet;
    • Suggest several blog posts for them to read;
    • Ask them to whitelist your email address;
    • … to share on social media;
    • … to register for a webinar or event;
    • … to purchase an inexpensive offer;
    • … to purchase a related product;
    • … to create an account;
    • … to fill out a survey / provide feedback;
    • … to recommend you to friends;
    • … to claim a reward;
    • … to navigate to some other part of your site.

    And, of course, tell them exactly how to do it. Give specific instructions such as “Click on the red button below to join the upcoming webinar.”

    Now, let’s give you an idea how to utilize your thank you pages as best as possible with the following tips.

    Top tips for the perfect thank you page

    We will divide them into several categories, depending on what action the thank you page follows.

    After opt-in

    When someone successfully subscribes to your email list, you can use your thank you page to accomplish one of these main goals:

    • Drive more traffic;
    • Begin to nurture the newly acquired leads;
    • Acquire customers and initial sales.

    Here is how to achieve each of them:

    1. Use your thank you page to drive traffic to your optin form.

    Invite new subscribers to share your optin page with others. You might want to include social sharing buttons to make this easy for users. You can even include an extra incentive for them to share, like an additional free lead magnet.

    1. Use your page to begin the lead nurturing process immediately so that you convert them to customers.

    One way to do that is on your thank you page, by recommending additional content material such as articles on your blog related to the lead magnet the reader has just received. This will keep them reading and browsing your web page for longer. Relevant content can also include resources such as white papers, product guides, ebooks and so on.

    Another way is to invite people to register for a webinar or an event.

    You can also ask them to participate in your community so that you can have more dialogue with them and get them engaged. Again, this could be on social media.

    1. Monetize your thank you page. Use it to quickly turn your new lead into a customer.

    For that purpose, you’ll need a cheap offer. When the price is low, the consumer will be more likely to pay. And making the first sale is huge. It’s the hardest, after all.

    Once they’ve become a paying customer, it’s much easier to get them to purchase again from then on.

    After a sale

    When someone completes a purchase, the goal of your thank you page should be to either maximize customer value, or increase customer retention. Here is how:

    1. If you want to increase the value of your customer, try cross-selling or up-selling.

    Depending on what the customer has just bought, offer additional related products or services. You can also lure them with a time-limited offer or coupons.

    1. To increase customer retention, ask them to create an account with you.

    As you probably already know, it’s a faux pas to require from someone to register before making a purchase with you.

    However, it’s a good idea to ask them later so that you can easily reach that customer again and market to them. Plus, the purchasing process will be much quicker the second time. Suggest to the user to save their information for next time so that they’ll see the benefit of doing so.

    1. Another great way to retain customers is to make them feel good about their purchase.

    Show them customer testimonials or case studies on your thank you page. Any kind of social proof will help reassure new customers.

    You can come up with your own ideas and experiment to reach excellent conversion rate optimization.

    However, there are some essential rules to follow, which we will now summarize.

    Do’s and Don’ts of a thank you page

    Show enthusiasm

    Try to stand out of the crowd by making your message less boring. Show some enthusiasm with power words such as “Success”, “Congrats”, “Hurray” and exclamation points, of course. This will match the customer’s mood and / or make them feel happy and wanted.

    Keep the human touch

    Making a sale online is different and could be more difficult because there is no contact face to face with the customer. Especially to new visitors, you might feel completely anonymous.

    Why not include a photo of the CEO and the team, a video of a team member talking, or something similar. This will add to the credibility of your website and make people trust your brand, which will convince them to take action.

    Stay above the fold

    You have literally seconds to grab the attention of your customers before they’re gone. That’s why it’s crucial to always place your call to action and important text above the fold.

    Display your current offers

    Do you want to push repeat purchases and increase social media engagement? Then show ongoing offers and social icons on your thank you page.

    However, be careful what you display. Also, ensure that your products and icons hyperlinks are correct and working.

    And here are some mistakes to avoid:

    Don’t overdo it with spammy content

    4 to 5 lines on the thank you page are enough. Otherwise, you can overwhelm people.

    What’s more, too much content may also make your CTA go unnoticed.

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep

    For example, tell your customers you’ll get back to them shortly but don’t set a specific amount of time if you’re unsure you’ll make it. Never make false claims because you will only frustrate people and lose their trust.

    Don’t neglect the page design

    Great, your content is perfect, but what about your design? If it isn’t attractive enough, you won’t be able to grab people’s attention and they won’t even get to read what you have to say. So make sure it’s looking good and has all the necessary elements to grab one’s attention.

    To sum up

    Now you know why putting some thought and effort into your thank you pages is incredibly important if you want to increase conversions and sales. Otherwise, you are simply letting all these opportunities slip through your fingers.

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