“Get guaranteed signups for free” – be careful

Every web marketer is constantly struggling to present their product, offer or advertisement to the right audience and get them to convert.

Is no one buying your product, clicking on your ads or signing up to your affiliate offers? This means you’re not making money.

If you’re desperate, it’s easy to fall for the “get guaranteed signups for free” ads. After all, to get paid, with affiliate marketing, CPA advertising and many kinds of sales jobs, the key is to make people sign up for a service or an email address list.

However, is there really a simple solution, which doesn’t include audience building, content marketing and numerous hours of analysis and optimization?

If you are promised that you’ll get guaranteed sign-ups for just a small fee or even for free, what will your reaction be?

If you would say that’s probably a scam, then you are right.

We all would like to get guaranteed signups for free but it’s not that simple, unfortunately.

On the other hand, there does exist an efficient way for you to get more people to convert to customers and pay for your product or service. The solution is to turn to a digital marketing tool like Catchfull. That’s our brand new popup builder that helps you create attractive campaigns that retain and convert visitors.

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On the contrary, you’ll only benefit. You’ll quickly notice how the popups and page banners you implement will skyrocket your business. Catchfull will reduce your exit rate and shopping cart abandonment rate, and will increase sales in no time. What we’re offering you is a safe and actually efficient alternative to some questionable strategies.

Now, if you’re still not convinced, read on to find out why promises and offers to “get guaranteed signups for free” can’t be trusted and why Catchfull is a way better idea.

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    What are guaranteed signups and how do they work?

    Some websites and unknown companies offer you to pay a fee to double your money. But there are a lot of ways they can trick you.

    One option is to just take your money and don’t deliver what they promised. You pay the seller who sends you some kind of confirmation but then – nothing. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to get your money back or prevent them from scamming others because they use many platforms, fake names, etc.

    Another option is to use bot accounts. In the event of a CPA sign-up, you need to get 100 sign ups to get paid, for example, and those new users don’t have to buy anything from the other company.

    Then here’s what happens: Bots sign up, it takes some time for the company to notice and track these fake leads to you and then they start asking uncomfortable questions. All this will end with you being dropped from their program. Plus, you might get blacklisted, which is a nightmare.

    If it was really that simple to get guaranteed signups for free or for cheap, everyone would be doing it. The truth is, that doesn’t work. This technique is shady, and there are many ways in which you can be scammed.

    If you want to find a real solution that will get you guaranteed signups for free, that’s Catchfull. It’s free to join and use it the first 3 months. That’s enough time to test it out, implement all kinds of popups on your website and decide whether they work for you. We promise you’ll see your business grow – conversions and sales will increase, while your exit and abandonment rates will decrease.

    What’s great is that if you’re still not happy with the results, you won’t have lost any money, but if you are satisfied, it’s a huge win.

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