Digital marketing statistics you need to know in 2020

Digital marketing has been changing rapidly in the last couple of years. You now need to think about social media marketing, advertising, content optimization, email marketing and so much more.

You are probably feeling overwhelmed. But don’t worry!

Here we have gathered only the latest and essential digital marketing statistics every marketer should know to keep up with the trends. Check them out to always stay ahead of the competition.

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    Content marketing statistics

    Content marketing is at the core of every business. You need to create and share relevant written and visual content so that your target audience can learn about your brand, products and services. Take a look at the following statistics to determine whether your content marketing needs adjusting and what works best for your business, leads and customers.

    1. Blogging stats

      • According to HubSpot, blogs are among the top 3 forms of media used in content strategies nowadays.
      • According to SEMrush, 86% of companies produce blog content.
      • 51% of companies share that updating old content has proven most efficient.
      • Articles that are longer than 3,000 words get 3 times more traffic, 4 times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks than shorter articles.

      Of course, you don’t have to write over 3,000 words every time. Do some research first – what are your main competitors publishing? How your content will rank depends on many factors, including your type of business, the topics you write on, your SEO strategy and how consistently you publish.

      Moreover, you might want to include videos to your regular publishing schedule since they have huge success among users. Just check these digital marketing statistics to see for yourself:

    2. Video stats

      • According to Wyzowl, 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website, and 80% claim it has directly increased sales.
      • According to HubSpot, promotional videos and brand storytelling are the most common visuals created by marketers.
      • Video is now the most commonly used format in content marketing, leaving blogs and infographics behind.

      Visuals are crucial if you want to better engage your public and retain its attention for longer. Just don’t overdo it.

      And remember to always optimize your photos and videos for mobile since people are much more likely to see them on their phones or tablets.

    3. Podcast stats

      • Edison research shows that podcasts reach over 100 million Americans every month.
      • Monthly podcast listening is currently at 37%.

      Podcasts are quickly gaining popularity, especially in the US. You can think about how you can take advantage of this information before your competitors do.A graphic of computer with context marketing heading

    4. Content marketing strategy stats

      • HubSpot reports that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.
      • 78% of companies have hired between 1 to 3 content specialists.
      • The most common measurement of success for content marketing is total sales, followed by web traffic.
      • A quarter of marketers plan on increasing their investment in content marketing this year, with 40% of all saying content marketing is a very important part of their overall marketing tactic.
      • Nowadays, marketers create content for multiple audience segments (e.g. demographic, psychographic, behavioural and geographic), with 3 segments being the most common choice.
      • More than 77% of companies have a content marketing strategy.
      • 94% of marketers use social media for content distribution.

    Social media marketing statistics

    Everyone is on at least one social network nowadays. We spend so many hours on social media so no wonder a big part of marketing is happening there.

    See these social media stats to understand how to successfully promote, expand your reach and increase brand awareness and conversion rates through these platforms.

    1. Facebook stats

      • Facebook is unsurprisingly the primary content distribution channel for marketers.
      • Wyzowl reports that 79% of video marketers use Facebook as a video marketing channel.
      • According to Statista, there are more than 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users.

      In short, if you’re not on Facebook, what are you doing? Now that the average age of the most active Facebook users seems to be going up, this platform is an even better choice for marketing to potential buyers.

    2. Instagram stats

      • Instagram is the social channel with the second-highest ROI among marketers, according to HubSpot.
      • 35% of global Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34.
      • In 2023, Instagram is expected to reach 120.3 million monthly active users in the US, which is currently the country with the most Instagram users (120 million), followed by India and Brazil.

      Instagram is another widely popular place for digital marketers to do their thing. If you open the app, you’ll immediately see many sponsored ads as posts and stories, including the incredibly popular “giveaways”, which can easily help you reach more of your target audience.

    3. Snapchat stats

      • Snapchat has more than 229 million daily active users worldwide.
      • Snapchat provides you with 6 different advertisement formats.
      • Last year, Snapchat was the most important social network for 44% of US teenagers.
    4. Pinterest stats

      • According to a Statista survey, 25% of social media marketers at B2B companies use Pinterest to market their businesses.
      • 30% of responding social media marketers at B2C companies said they use Pinterest to market their businesses.

      Go to our article to learn all mind-blowing Pinterest statistics.

      You might also want to check out when the best time to post on social media is for maximum engagement.

    5. LinkedIn stats

      • A 2020 survey showed 43% of LinkedIn’s audience members are female and 57% are male.
      • In 2019, LinkedIn InMail was the third most-used candidate outreach channel worldwide, following email and phone/text, according to Statista.
      • Apart from Facebook, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform used by B2B marketers.
      • Last year, more than 87% of video marketers on LinkedIn described it as an effective video marketing channel, and 66% said they would include LinkedIn in their 2020 video marketing strategy.

      Now, moving on to the next portion of digital marketing statistics you absolutely must know.

    Email marketing statistics

    Email marketing is one of the main types of marketing and one of the oldest. It helps you connect with customers and build lasting relationships. Email marketing is here to stay, and the following data proves it.

    1. Email usage stats

      • 80% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the past year.
      • According to a Campaign Monitor’s study of 1,000 small business owners, email marketing ranked the second most effective medium for building brand awareness. Plus, it has the highest return on investment for small businesses.
    2. CR stats

      • Message personalization is the top tactic email marketers use to improve performance, while promotional emails is what they invest most commonly in. 30% of marketers surveyed by HubSpot use audience segmentation to improve email engagement. Email automation campaigns are also in the top 3 tactics for improved performance.
      • 35% of marketers send between 3 to 5 emails per week to customers.

      Learn when the best time to send an email is here.

    3. Mobile email stats

      • Optimizing emails for mobile devices is the second most-used tactic of email marketing professionals for improving performance.
      • According to Sinch, 40% of consumers say there are at least 50 unread emails in their inbox.
    4. Email copy stats

      • More than 20% of marketers surveyed by HubSpot state that email design is improving their email engagement.
      • According to Litmus, companies that A/B test every email have email marketing returns 37% higher than those of brands that never do A/B tests.
      • According to AWeber, out of 1,000 emails, only 6.9% had an emoji in the subject line.

      Be careful not to annoy customers with too many, irrelevant or poorly optimized emails. What’s more, using well-thought subject lines and sending personalized messages will give you a better chance of having your email opened instead of ignored or sent to the bin.

      See the rest of the email marketing statistics in our article.

    E-commerce statistics

    • According to a Yieldify research, in 2020, retention (58%) is the key goal for website personalization, followed by conversion (55%) and acquisition (45%).
    • Right now, only 54% use AI-driven predictive segments. However, this is an area of high potential growth – 89% expected to be using it by the end of 2021.

    See all online shopping statistics you should know here.

    You can also check out the latest cart abandonment statistics and tips for improvement.

    Mobile marketing statistics

    There are 5.15 billion mobile users globally right now. It’s not news that nowadays most Internet users prefer using their mobile devices to access the Internet. That’s why you should take into consideration these mobile marketing statistics for a successful marketing strategy.

    • US marketers and advertisers are putting 13.5% of their budget into mobile ads, according to Omnicore.
    • 57% of all mobile users won’t recommend your business if the mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive.
    • 40% are searching for a local business or interest. 1 in 10 mobile searches are for local business information results in a purchase.
    • Mobile websites that load in less than 5 seconds have a viewing session 70% longer than their slower counterparts.
    • A mobile special or offer is 10 times more likely to be used than if it was in print form.
    • This year, 527 million people are using ad-blocking technology on mobile browsers.
    • Global mobile ad spend reached more than $190 billion in 2019. It’s expected to get more than 280 billion dollars by 2022.
    • The forecast is that by 2021, mobile shopping will drive 54% of all sales.
    • 86% of consumers would like mobile offers from a company while they’re physically shopping in its store.
    • 65% of all paid-search ads are completed via a mobile device.
    • Offline spending influenced by mobile experience has exceeded $1 trillion.

    Digital advertising statistics

    The digital marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. Check out these digital advertising stats to be able to better prepare your marketing strategy.

    • Global ad spend will reach $605 billion in 2020, according to The Drum.
    • Zenith Media reports that global social media ad spend reached $84 billion in 2019, which marked the first year it outperformed print ad spend. Facebook is the most popular advertising channel overall, while LinkedIn is quickly becoming a staple advertising platform for B2B marketers.
    • Econsultancy reveals that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.SEO letters from Scrabble on a wooden background.

    SEO statistics

    SEO is certainly a hot topic these days. It’s crucial to pay attention and have a proper SEO tactic if you want your company’s website to rank well and beat the competition. Check out these SEO stats:

    • More than 90% of people use Google as a search engine.
    • Half of SMBs have only a basic understanding of SEO.
    • According to Backlinko, the average word length of content ranked on the first page of Google results is 1,890 words.
    • Junto reports that 18% of local searches done on mobile devices lead to a sale within a day.

    These digital marketing statistics show that with a little effort, you can surpass your competitors in the never-ending SEO battle. Once you do that, consumers will easily find you organically. And chances are, their search will result in a sale for you.

    It’s crucial that potential customers find your business within a few clicks. Convenience, relevance and speed play a huge role for conversions. That’s why it’s worth investing in SEO.

    Video marketing statistics

    Video marketing is a highly effective strategy for appealing to and converting your target audience. The best thing is that it’s affordable and easy to implement for all types of businesses and budgets. Check out these video marketing stats to learn how to use videos to reach, educate and nurture your audience.

    • Wyzowl reports 83% of video marketers state video has helped them generate leads. Besides, 95% felt they’d increased understanding of their product or service that way.
    • 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product/service by watching a brand’s video.
    • 93% of brands got a new customer thanks to a video published on social media.
    • 99% of marketers using video will continue doing so. 88% reported video gives them a positive ROI.
    • 43% say video has reduced the number of support calls they’ve received.
    • According to HubSpot, this year, social engagement videos are among the top 4 most common types of video marketers are investing in.
    • Video is the second most-used content type on social media for increasing audience engagement, while live video is the third most-used social media marketing tactic.
    • Naturally, YouTube (85%) and Facebook (79%) are the most widely used platforms among video marketers.

    The high numbers and incredibly positive feedback these digital marketing statistics show speak for themselves. Video marketing is a must.

    More digital marketing statistics

    • According to SEMrush, 67% of companies use lead generation as the sole metric to determine content success.
    • Statista reports that improved traffic, lead generation and growing fan loyalty are among the top reasons why marketers use social networks in their campaigns.
    • HubSpot reveals that only 17% of marketers use landing page A/B tests to improve conversion rates.

    A/B testing is an effective way to distinguish between an OK-ish solution and the most successful, out-of-the-charts one. So more marketers should think of implementing A/B tests.

    To sum up

    Now you know all essential digital marketing statistics to help you compete in the ever-changing marketing world.

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