Surprisingly effective ways to boost social media engagement

First things first – What exactly is social media engagement?

This is every interaction with a user on your social media platforms – likes, follows, shares, messages, comments, clicks, and so on.

OK, that’s clear enough. But why is it so important?

The short answer – it helps grow your audience and brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships and loyalty, reach more prospects and increase sales.

Incredible! And that’s not all.

In fact, your social media engagement rate is one of the most important metrics to keep an eye on when building an online store.

Many successful business owners specifically include popups and page banners on their website to send visitors to their social networks. But that’s not as simple as it sounds. For these campaigns to work, you need a great tool with which to create the perfect eye-catching on-site messages.

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Now let’s discuss how to increase social media engagement efficiently. Read on to learn all the best engagement strategies and get ahead of the competition in no time.

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    How to increase social media engagement?

    Use popups

    A visitor is about to leave your website? A customer has just made a purchase? Someone has finished reading your blog post?

    Show a popup asking them to follow you on social media. If they like your content, it’s a no-brainer to give you a like on Facebook, for example. That way you’ll be able to easily reach them later with more useful content, promotions and surveys.

    Make it clear that they can regularly find discount and coupon codes or giveaways on your social accounts. This will act as a great incentive for users to give you a like/follow.

    However, the key here is to build an attractive campaign first so that you grab users’ attention and convince them to click. Don’t worry, Catchfull will help you with that.

    Ask for feedback

    Did you know that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising?

    Luckily, people love sharing their opinions.

    Communicate with your customers and followers on your social media channels. Respond to comments. Ask questions about your products or services (and not only), create polls and customer surveys.

    Encourage customers to leave reviews. Word of mouth will quickly help you reach new prospects. Besides, this is a great opportunity to receive some useful feedback and see how you can improve to increase customer experience.

    Show your customers you value their opinion and are always striving to improve. This will strengthen your bond with them and build loyalty.

    Three emoji icons with black checkmark boxes next to them.

    Create good content

    This might seem obvious but many social media marketers forget it’s not all about making a sell. Don’t promote your brand on social media too aggressively. Certainly not with every single social media post.

    Instead, post regularly some light, fun content or helpful tips your customers will appreciate. Don’t forget adding visuals. Studies have shown that including an image immediately increases engagement rate, and videos are even better.

    You can also post live videos and engage your audience by encouraging people to comment, react and ask questions.

    What’s more, if people truly like your posts, they’ll naturally want to share them with others. That way you’ll not only increase loyalty, but also easily expand your brand awareness and reach new potential customers.

    Organize giveaways and competitions

    That’s a social media strategy that everyone is using these days. Because it works.

    You’ve probably seen an enormous number of people commenting, liking, sharing Instagram/Facebook posts and tagging friends just to enter in a giveaway.

    Sometimes the prize is not even that amazing, but everyone loves trying their luck and winning / getting something for free. That’s why giveaways and competitions boost engagement on social media so much.

    Even if some users don’t remain your long term followers, by participating only once, they already help spread awareness. They tag a friend who tags a friend who tags another one… you know how it works. It quickly becomes an avalanche! But a good one because it brings you new leads while you just sit back and watch happily.

    Promote on social media

    Of course, these tips on social and digital content marketing won’t be complete without the good old promotions.

    Don’t just wait for existing customers to return to your online store and find out about your promotions. Post about them on social media. You can use sponsored ads too.

    Promote instant discount coupons, free shipping/delivery, cashback and so on to make people click on your post that will lead them to your online store. Engage them with an eye-catching post to efficiently increase sales.

    Schedule your posts right

    There are whole studies regarding the best time to post on social media the best time to post on social media. And it’s different for each one – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…

    Think about when your customers are more likely to be online – in the morning before work, during their lunch break, in the afternoon during a coffee break?

    Experiment and see when you get more responses. Share your posts when it’s more likely to get a high social media engagement rate. You can also use a tool to schedule and post them automatically.

    After all, even if your content is awesome, what’s the point if no one will be there to see it?

    Work together with partners

    It’s great to work with friends and business partners. Collaborate on social media posts with other brands, influencers, sponsors, happy clients and so on. Of course, these collabs need to make sense to your business and style. Your target audiences should be similar.

    This will help you reach out to their followers and customers and improve your chances of engagement enormously.

    You can also tag your loyal customers, give shout-outs, use hashtags and emojis and whatever else you come up with. Get creative and sweep the competition!

    To sum up

    Now you know how to increase social media engagement and why it is so important. In short, it builds customer loyalty, generates leads and more sales.

    One of the easiest ways to boost social media engagement is to implement inviting popups and page banners on your website.

    Now you know all these great tactics, you probably can’t wait to grow your business.

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