How to grow your email list [Expert email collection tips]

Collecting emails is not as easy as it might seem. Most people are reluctant to share their email addresses. We get it – no one likes to add to their already overflowing inbox.

That’s why you have to encourage your potential customers in some way to trust you with their email.

Don’t know how?

Here we will share with you the best tips on how to grow your email list quickly and effortlessly.

Spoiler alert – the best way to do that is using eye-catching popups and page banners on your website.

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Now, let’s dive in and see all expert tips.

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    Why should you collect emails?

    Maybe you haven’t thought about that, but collecting emails is of utmost importance for growing your business successfully. Here is why:

    1. Increase sales

      On average, customers who make purchases via email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers.

      In fact, did you know that email marketing gives you $44 back for every $1 you spend? Incredible!

      That’s why every smart business owner is always collecting email addresses. Being able to reach your (potential) customers at any time is a huge advantage.

      You can send them emails to promote your new products or services, make them aware of different offers and season sales, and more.

      This means that even if customers don’t check your online store regularly, you’ll be able to continue communicating with them and urge them to buy. Email marketing can definitely increase sales if done right.

    2. Increase loyalty and customer awareness

      You don’t necessarily have to make a sell with every email you send.

      Here’s a great idea – send your email subscribers regular newsletters with useful content like blog posts and tips. This way they won’t forget you and your brand. They’ll appreciate you for your valuable content. Plus, they might want to share it with friends so you’ll get new leads. Nice!

    3. Reach more people

      We’re all crazy about social media these days.

      But wait a minute.

      According to studies, there are still some people who don’t use social media while almost everyone has an email address.

      Email reaches about 85% of the people you send it to. You’ll reach far more people via email so don’t rely only on your social media pages.

    4. Establish a more personal relationship

      Email is more personal than social media.

      First, getting someone’s email means they trust and value your business.

      Second, you can send targeted emails depending on the customer. This is a great advantage that you shouldn’t pass by. Delivering highly relevant offers will increase your chances of making a sell and will strengthen the bond with your customer.
      Colourful envelopes on a white background.

    How to collect emails efficiently?

    Now that you know why you should never miss a chance to capture emails, here are the best email collection practices. Let’s get started!

    Show email popups

    If you think about it, every successful online business is using a digital marketing tool to create popups and page banners that help increase conversion rates and sales. You’ve seen them everywhere.

    Here are some popular ways to display email popups that truly work for you:

    1. Show an email opt-in form when a new visitor gets on your landing page. For best results, provide an incentive – that’s the golden rule, always. The incentive could be a discount or free shipping on their first purchase.
    2. Show a subscription popup that appears after a set amount of time the visitor spends on your site or after they have scrolled 70% through your blog post. This will give them enough time to get familiar with your content and will mean they are probably interested in what you have to offer.
    3. Include a lead magnet in your popup like a free ebook, trial, demo, PDF, etc. People are always more likely to provide their email if they get something (valuable) in return.
    4. Make the email sign up form as simple as possible. If you ask your website visitors for too much information, they might get discouraged or distracted before they get to the end.
    5. Use exit-intent popups as email signup forms. This is one of the best working strategies. If your visitor is about to leave, you’ve got nothing to lose by displaying a popup before they reach the X. However, if you make them stay with a popup offering a discount or something else in return for their email, you can easily turn them into a subscriber and customer.

    Use social media

    Another popular way to collect emails is through social media.
    You have probably seen how many people across a wide age range engage with different businesses’ content on social. Go ahead and grab every opportunity there is to grow your email list.

    • Use your Facebook page to promote your new products and offer customers discounts in return for their email address.
    • Organize giveaways and competitions where everyone has to provide an email to enter.
    • Use Facebook ads to promote further and reach people who aren’t following you yet.

    The same goes for Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on.

    Send smart emails

    Even when you are sending an email to a user who has already subscribed, don’t forget to include an eye-catching email signature allowing quick subscription to your newsletter.


    It’s simple – if subscribers like your content, they would probably like to share it with their friends and family. So don’t miss this opportunity to collect more emails. Include in all of your emails a clear call to action to share and subscribe.

    You can also ask your customers to encourage friends to sign up. Give them a discount in exchange.
    A green mailbox with three white envelopes.

    Get creative

    Do you love quizzes? Most people do.

    So why not create a short quiz for your visitors and ask for their email address to send them the result. Everyone would be curious to get it since they’ve taken the time to answer the questions. You can check out Topshop and Airbnb’s quizzes for inspiration.

    Another idea is to host free webinars in exchange for an email address.

    The possibilities are endless. Think of what suits your business best and get creative to stay ahead of the competition.

    To sum up

    Emails are great for lead generation and growing sales. Now you know why every business owner collects emails. More importantly, you’ve learned how to do it efficiently.

    Undoubtedly the best way to capture emails is to implement an attractive email popup on your website. You can easily create amazing popups with our intuitive popup builder and see conversions and sales skyrocket.

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