What is a good click through rate?

We all want a good CTR, but do we all know what CTR is? Click through rate is all the impressions of your ad divided by the number of clicks on it. In theory, we want everyone to click on our ads, but in reality, we target a certain audience. The audience who’s interested in what we have to say. And we want to find them in the exact moment when they’re ready to hear us.

You can do that with the promotion popups for discount offers and coupons on Catchfull. This pop-up software allows you to implement catchy discount offers that are triggered by the visitor’s behavior, including when a visitor reaches a particular shopping cart value or hesitates to make a purchase.

So the higher the percentage of your CTR is, the more people are clicking on your ad. You can check that on your PPC account dashboard.

Why do we strive for high CTR?

The better click through rate we have the better quality score we get. That means that if our ad is more relevant and more useful to our audience, we will pay less for better ad positions. In terms of search ads that means higher ad ranks. No matter if someone is bidding higher than you for a certain search position if your quality score is high enough you can beat the competition and pay less.

What is the exact number for a good click through rate (CTR)? 

The answer varies and depends on the platform and the ad format. If you’re using google ads the average click through rate for all industries on the search network is 1.91% and on the display network is 0.35%. The explanation of the difference is very simple. When people use the search engine they’re already looking for something in particular. If your ad is relevant it has a better chance to be clicked on. On the other hand, the display ads appear on various websites depending on the target audience and require additional action from the user that they didn’t intend to do.

If we want to be above the average CTR it is best to be somewhere between 4% and 5% or slightly above in the search network, and 0.5% and 1% in the display network.

Is “the more the merrier” valid in terms of CTR?

We all sometimes think like Winnie The Pooh and want more and more. But that’s not always the best case when you execute your PPC campaigns. There are some cases when you don’t want a much higher CTR than the optimal. Let’s say you have an e-commerce website and you generate a high click through rate. You should be alert if:

  • You have low conversion rates
  • You have high-priced keywords that don’t turn a big enough profit
  • You have a lot of irrelevant terms

You should always keep in mind that in all PPC ads you’re paying for every click. So every click counts and it should be a prospect sale, website visit, subscription, or whatever you’re offering. With a much higher CTR you could be paying for “empty clicks” that don’t drive any results.

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    Key takeaway points.

    CTR is a key metric when executing your ad campaigns and you should always keep it in mind. It shows the number of people who are interested in your product or service. A higher CTR is not always the best possible, you should always stay relevant and keep the interest of your target audience. This means having an informative and easy-to-understand landing page, short and straight-to-the-point messages, simple and relevant images, etc. Everyone working on the campaign should be aware of those things from the PPC experts, copywriters, email marketers, graphic designers to marketing experts and sales experts.

    With Catchfull you can implement pop-ups and page banners on your website that will generate high CTR because of their relevance to the content the users are viewing at the moment.

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